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Moon Over Friendship

Image of Moon Over Friendship


This is a stitched photograph of a blurry moon I captured while riding down Friendship Road, on which I lived from the age of two until I left for college. The line is actually a map of Friendship Road captured using Google maps.

I was the eighth generation to live on the land located in the northern part of the road. Throughout the process of creating the piece, I thought about time I spent with my grandparents as a little girl. It was like I was reconnecting with my grandmother, who did handiwork while watching her stories, and my grandfather, who drove back and forth to Friendship, just a few hundred yards from our family farm. The twine references the tobacco twine that we used in the tobacco priming process. My grandma also had a spool that she kept on her basement steps and used it for various household chores. I later took the spool for myself.

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About the art work:
Title: Moon Over Friendship
Edition: 3/25
Date: April 2008
Medium: Digital Photograph Printed on Piezo Pro Matte Canvas, stitched with cooking twine
Finished Print Size: 16” x 20”
Includes Black Frame with Signed Mat